Interior of country house in classical style

  • Категория: Вилла
  • Площадь: 406m2
  • Локация: Kiev region, v. Romankov
  • Year of establishment: 2014г.

House in the country in classic style designed for three-person family. Family spends most of time in apartment in the city and wants home where they can relax and meet friends. Most of area in house — first floor- is a guest area. In house also arranged a sauna with rest room, and built a swimming pool in courtyard.

The first floor is for communication and consists of living room, dining room, kitchen and office. The walls are toned in grey in each room. Calm tone not distracts attention, and at the same time it clearly stand out details and textures — wood furniture, blue sofas, chairs and cast iron fireplace in the living room. The fireplace gives appropriate interior direction — English style. One more thing on the first floor gives the mood for home — carved wooden staircase designed by the architect. Hall´s walls are also gray in order to combine hall with the rest part of the first floor.

A big mirror hung so to visually expand a small space in the hall. Another technique helped visually increase the amount of space — chessfloors. It is made of granite and imitates marble. Furthermore, both floors are interconnected with two-storey space. Furniture is mainly by Italian brands. Only bookshelves and desk in the office are exception, they were designed by architect. Also wooden ceiling and doors were made throughout the house by the architect draft.

Second floor is a private area. There are three bedrooms decorated in a classic style. It was decided to design son´s bedroom interior in modern style as well as games room and a bathroom. Each room is with a private bath. In contrast to the first floor in design of bedrooms wallpaper is used. The owners did not want too bright bedroom thus bright sun rays are blocked by curtains with blackout.